Dr Vanathy Varathan obtained her MBBS with honours from the University of Jaffna Sri Lanka in 2002. She has more than 17 years of experience in dermatology and has trained extensively overseas and in Australia. In 2010, Dr Varathan obtained her MD in dermatology from the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine at the University of Colombo  She has been board certified by the College of Dermatologists in Sri Lanka since 2012.

Moving to Australia, Dr Varathan joined St Vincent’s Hospital as a Dermatology Fellow from May 2011 to April 2012.  She undertook further post-graduate training in dermatology in Australia .  In the meantime, Dr Varathan qualified as a specialist general practitioner with RACGP.

Dr Varathan has successfully undergone her assessment with the Australasian College of Dermatologists and has received her FACD with the college 2022,

With a broad interest in dermatology, Dr Varathan is highly motivated in dermatology and consults paediatric and adult patients and is competent in diagnosis and performing most skin cancer surgeries, treating psoriasis, eczema, acne, vitiligo, hair disorders, performing PRP injections, autoimmune skin conditions, infections, pigmentary disorders, pregnancy-related dermatology and immunobullous dermatoses.

She can converse fluently in English and Tamil.


MEDerm as a service provider for Dr Vanathy Varathan

Melbourne Eastside Dermatology (MEDerm) takes pride in providing a high quality dermatology support services and facility for Dr Vanathy Varathan.

When booking to see Dr Varathan, please understand the following:

  1. Dr Varathan practise individually independent of other dermatologists.
  2. MEDerm is responsible for the booking, paperwork, billing and providing facility for Dr Vanathan.  MEDerm is not responsible for the medical practices or treatment plans instituted by Dr Vanathan.
  3. Dr Vanathan’s relationship with MEDerm is one of contractor and service provider.  Dr Vanathan is not an employee of MEDerm.
  4. Dr Vanathan may practise in another facility/location outside MEDerm.  It is your right to obtain your clinical notes, and discuss with Dr Vanathan the best location to organise your consultation or treatment.