Do your doctors speak other languages?

Mandarin speaking dermatologist(s) – Dr Desmond Gan and Dr Sarah Shen

Cantonese speaking dermatologist(s) – Dr Desmond Gan.

Shanghainese speaking dermatologist(s) – Dr Sarah Shen.

Farsi speaking dermatologist(s) – Dr Zahra Assarian


Mandarin speaking cosmetic nurse – Min Xue

For cosmetic patients, our procedures are performed Melissa Daniell, Andrea McCarthy and Min Xue, specialist nurses. While Melissa and Andrea are not able to converse in Chinese, there is option of booking an in-house Chinese interpreter/assistance for during consultation and treatment, or of seeing Min for the consultation and treatment.

When can I get an appointment?

Like most Dermatologists, our waiting period for a new patient is currently quite long. If your condition is severe, please kindly discuss with your general practitioner.

Do I need a referral?

We are happy to see all patients with or without referrals (including overseas visitors without Medicare).

However, as we are a medical specialist service, we recommend that you obtain a referral from your general practitioner to eligible for maximum Medical rebate. This will need to be updated every 12 months (or every 3 months if the referrer is a specialist).   Having an updated referral also ensures your current general practitioner receives our ongoing medical reports.

What are the consultation fees for medical and surgical-related conditions?

The initial consultation fee and new referral fee is out-of-pocket of $241.95 (Total fee of $320 with Medicare rebate of $78.05).  If you have an aged or disability pension card, the fee is reduced to out-of-pocket of $186.95.

The subsequent review consultation is charged at a lower out-of-pocket of $190.75 (Total fee $230 with Medicare rebate of $39.25).  Pensioner’s fee is reduced to out-of-pocket of $140.75.

There will be no fees involved with DVA Gold card patients and suitable white card patients.

What are the consultation fees for cosmetic consultation?

Cosmetic consultation with our specialist is at the rate of $320.  Unless you have a GP referral for medical reason (such as rosacea, or pigmented skin issues), there will be no Medicare rebate for this.

You may also book to see our specialist dermatology nurse practitioner, who is able to consult you on a variety of skin conditions (including acne, rosacea, pigmentation etc), or go through different options for skin rejuvenation.  The cost of this will be $90 (Medicare rebate of $15 is claimable only for a medical reason.  Cosmetic consult does not allow rebate).  You do not require a referral to see our nurse practitioner.

What are the fees for laser and aesthetic treatment?

We are unable to publish all our cosmetic treatment pricing online.  This will be discussed when you undergo consultation with our doctor or nurse practitioner.

What are the fees for surgery?

We perform all our surgeries in our rooms in Blackburn South.  There will be no requirement for private health insurance.  You will be given a quote for your surgery fees.  This will cover the doctor’s procedural charge, facility charge, disposables (sutures and dressings), instrumentation sterilisation and review for suture removals.

For all patients with valid referrals and Medicare, your out of pocket fees will range from $150 to $550 depending on complexity of surgery.

Veterans with DVA Gold Card (and certain White Card) holders will have no out of pocket cost for surgery.

Do you bulk bill your medical consultation?

We are a private dermatology practice that receives no government rebate on our facility and ongoing running costs.  We do not bulk bill our consultations and procedures.

When you ring up for appointment, you will be informed of the cost of the consultation.  Discounted fees will be offered to pensioners.  Additional fees are applicable if minor procedures are performed on the same day (e.g. biopsies, injections, or cryotherapy freezing).

If you require surgical procedures for skin cancer or benign skin lesions removal, you will be given a quote.  The out of pocket fees for surgery range from $150 to $550, depending on the complexity of the surgery.

Veterans with DVA Gold and certain White card holders will be fully covered for all the cost of consultation and treatment.

Do you bulk bill UVB treatments?

If you have a valid medicare card and referral letter, we will able to bulkbill this treatment. Veterans with DVA Gold and certain White card holders will also be fully covered for all the cost of treatment.

However, if you require this treatment and do not have a medicare card, you will be given a quote.  You can also check with your private health insurance, as some policies will cover this treatment.

Can I claim private health insurance for consultation, surgery or laser cosmetic fees?

No. Private health insurance does not cover any outpatient consults or procedures.

For overseas visitors without Medicare, if you have a valid private visitor health cover, you may be able to claim back some rebate from your health cover.

Preparing for Your Surgery

There are a number of conditions that may affect your surgery. Please kindly inform your doctor if you have the following:

  1. Pacemaker
  2. Heart valve diseases.
  3. Recent joint replacement surgeries.
  4. Takes regular blood thinner medications such as warfarin.
  5. History of antibiotic, anaesthetic or latex allergies.
  6. Takes any supplements such as fish oil.
  7. Any significant medical histories and regular medications

As all skin cancer surgeries are performed under local anaesthesia, there is no need to fast for the surgery.

There is no need to shave around the surgery site (as this increases the infection risk).

Most of the time, we will not request you to stop your blood thinning medication if you are taking this for medical purposes. We do advise that all non-essential supplements (such as fish oil, ginko) to be ceased ideally 1 week prior to surgery.

As unexpected wound problem or bleeding may occur, we recommend that you organize suitable transport arrangement to take you home after surgery. We do not recommend driving yourself after surgery, especially if surgery involves the face, scalp, hands or legs.

Who performs muscle relaxants, fillers or laser procedures?

Our cosmetic team include specialist dermatologist Dr Desmond Gan (FACD) and specialist cosmetic nurse practitioner Ms Melissa Daniells (master of nursing).

Dr Gan performs all type of injectables (muscle relaxants and dermal fillers) together with performing or supervising treatment for lasers / energy devices (PicoWay™, Vbeam Perfecta™, Venus VIVA™ radio frequency and Ultra-former™.). Surgical excision for skin tags removal, benign lesions, moles and acne surgical treatment such as subcision, TCA CROSS and excision are also performed in the facility.

Ms Andrea McCarthy performs muscle relaxant injections, and all types of lasers / energy devices  (PicoWay™, Vbeam Perfecta™, Venus VIVA™ radio frequency and Ultra-former™.)  She is an expert for skin-care advice, professional chemical peels, micro-needling and LED light therapy.