Laser Aesthetic Service

Melbourne Eastside Dermatology provides a specialist-dermatologist-led aesthetic services.  Our cosmetic staff are headed by specialist level doctors (post-graduate FACD degree) and cosmetic nurse practitioner (master degree in nursing) with extensive experience and training in the required cosmetic procedures.

Laser Aesthetic Service

Melbourne Eastside Dermatology provides a specialist-dermatologist-led aesthetic services.  Our cosmetic staff are headed by specialist level doctors (post-graduate FACD degree) and cosmetic nurse practitioner (master degree in nursing) with extensive experience and training in the required cosmetic procedures.

Concern & Solution

Cosmetic Injectables,
Specialist injectors.

Muscle relaxant (Botulinum toxin) injection to reduce dynamic rhytides (wrinkles), facial slimming and reducing hyperhidrosis (sweat); Dermal fillers for cheek, lip reshaping,  jawline lifting and acne scarring.

All performed by specialist dermatologist (FACD) or specialist nurse practitioner (Master of nursing).

Pigmentation, Melasma,
Skin Brightening.

Even amongst specialist dermatologists in Melbourne, we are considered ultra experts in treatment of pigmentation amongst Asian skin type.  Accurate diagnosis must be made before the appropriate combination therapy is prescribed.

We are the first and still the ONLY specialist level dermatology practice in Melbourne that utilises the PicoWay™ pico-second technology to treat pigmentation, lentigo, freckling, melasma, Hori naevus, dyschromia and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  We are currently involved in the trial of the new 730nm wavelength technology in pigmentation treatment.

Rosacea, Red Cheeks, Broken Capillaries.
Gold Standard Laser Therapy.

Suffering from red cheeks, flushing and broken capillaries on your skin? It is imperative to consider combination of prescription topical, oral medications with the skin care and laser therapy.

Candela VBEAM™ is the gold standard laser therapy , proven to be the most effective therapy for facial redness and rosacea.  It is also considered the safest therapy for darker Asian skin type.

Teenage, Adult, Hormonal, Cystic Acne,
Acne Scarring.

Bad acne should never exist, according to dermatologists. A variety of topical, medical, skin care and LED light based therapy are available.

Acne scarring treatment is not a one-size-fit all beauty dermal therapist job.  Subcision, TCA CROSS, punch excision, punch elevation, together with low down-time treatment with radio frequency Venus VIVA™ or the latest PicoWay™ Resolve therapy are available.

Deep and Fine Wrinkles,
Dynamic and Fixed Lines.

Botulinum toxin is well known, but soft superficial skin boosters fillers and deep placing dermal filler are equally important.

Superficial wrinkling can improve with suitable clinician-grade skin care, professional chemical peels, micro-needling, radio frequency Venus VIVA™ and PicoWay Resolve.

Facial Slimming,
Non-Surgical Face and Neck Lifting.

Botulinum Toxin injection into masseter muscle (side of cheeks) is an effective method in suitable selected patients.

Ultraformer3™ is the newer generation of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology that tightens the deeper layer of the skin to achieve instant lifting and result can last beyond 12 months.  Diamond Polar™ as part or stand-alone treatment of Venus™ treatment is also a safe and instantly effective treatment.

Skin Tone, Pore Size,
Uneven Skin Texture.

Uneven skin texture, whether from ageing, scarring or genetic oily skin can improve with a variety of options.

Experience the difference with professional Aspect Dr™ chemical peels, PicoWay™ Resolve and Venus VIVA™ technology.

Asian Aesthetic.

Melbourne Eastside Dermatology is the only Specialist Dermatology practice in Melbourne with a focus on Asian skin aesthetic. The requirement of Asian aesthetic is different and we get that.

We have dermatologists, nursing and administration staff who could assist in Mandarin- and Cantonese- speaking patients.

Pre-Events and Post-Pregnancy Refreshening,
No Down-time therapy.

Wedding, Pre-anniversary, Pre-gala, Post-pregnancy and many circumstances where you just need to touch up that bit more?

Experience the PicoWay™ Resolve light rejuvenation laser therapy alone or in combination with Professional Aspect Dr™ chemical peels and LED light therapy.

Tattoo Removal,
Pico Power.

We use the latest PicoWay™ pico-second technology to remove tattoos in the safest and most efficient way.

Having the 532nm, 1064nm and the latest 785nm and 730nm wavelength technology maximises the chance of removing even the most difficult tattoo (multi-coloured and old tattoo).

Specialist Technology

The Most Advanced Pico-Second Technology.

Melbourne Eastside Dermatology is Melbourne’s first and only specialist practice to utilise the latest Candela PicoWay™ technology.

PicoWay™ is the most advanced and comprehensive Pico-Second technology with 4 wavelengths and the shortest pulse duration to treat pigmentation, acne scarring, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation.

VBeam Perfecta™,
Gold Standard and the Safest for Rosacea and Scarring.

Candela VBeam Perfecta™ has been and remains the gold standard treatment for facial redness, capillaries and red acne/surgical/traumatic scars.

With the unique 595nm wavelength, it is the safest wavelength, especially in Asian darker skin type due to its depth of penetration in skin and lack of absorption by the surface pigment.

Ultraformer 3™,
Next Generation High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

Ultraformer 3 is the next generation High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Device.

Tightening of skin occurs with focused ultrasound energy concentrated on deeper layer of skin.  With the variety of handpieces available, specific areas such as neck, brow, neck, cheeks, arms, thighs and abdomen can be treated to achieve non-surgical tightening and lifting.

Venus Viva™,
Nano-Fractionated Radio Frequency Device.

Venus Viva™ is a non-needling nano-fractionated radio frequency device for treatment of skin dullness, texture improvement, fine wrinkling, pore reduction and very useful for acne scarring.

With no needling involved and only require topical anaesthesia, this is safe for all skin colour with little down time and less risk of post treatment pigmentation.

The Complete LED Light Therapy System.

SmartLux™ is an advanced LED (light emitting diode) device that offers a variety safe no-downtime treatment.

With the red, blue, yellow and infra-red LED capability, it can be used alone or in combination (such as post PicoWay™, Venus Viva™ or professional peels) for skin rejuvenation, acne,  blood circulation and assists in post laser healing.

Aspect Professional™,
Clinical Grade Chemical Peels.

We have a range of chemical peels from professional range sourced from Aspect Professional™.

Our range has a versatile coverage for freshening up dullness, improving skin rejuvenation, reducing fine wrinkling, lightening mild pigmentation and overall anti-aging.

Specialist Range Skin Care Products,
Local and Imported.

We stock a range of specialist range clinic grade products with scientifically proven active ingredients for anti-aging, pigment correction, redness reduction, dry or oily skin and the best of sunscreens.

Our carefully selected range includes Aspect Dr™, Skin Better Science™, Dermaquest™, La Roche Posay™, Bioderma™ and Propaira™, for both cosmetic and dermatology-condition-specific uses.

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