Dr Friyana Bhabha is a Fellow of the Australian College of Dermatologists (FACD).

After completing her medical degree at Monash University in 2008, Dr Bhabha spent four years completing her basic training in adult medicine at Monash Health. She then embarked on her dermatology training, and over the years has worked at various hospitals throughout Victoria including the Royal Children’s hospital, Austin Hospital, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Skin snd Cancer Foundation and Royal Melbourne Hospital. Six months were also spent in Tasmania, at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

She is a general dermatologist and has a wide area of interests including skin cancer management, medical dermatology, acne, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.

Dr Bhabha’s currently has public appointments at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. She has published articles in both domestic and international dermatology journals, and has previously presented her work at the Australian College of Dermatology Conference.

Dr Bhabha prides herself in providing a holistic approach to dermatological care.


MEDerm as a service provider for Dr Friyana Bhabha

Melbourne Eastside Dermatology (MEDerm) takes pride in providing a high quality dermatology support services and facility for Dr Friyana Bhabha.

When booking to see Dr Bhabha, please understand the following:

  1. Dr Bhabha practise individually independent of other dermatologists.
  2. MEDerm is responsible for the booking, paperwork, billing and providing facility for Dr Bhabha.  MEDerm is not responsible for the medical practices or treatment plans instituted by Dr Bhabha.
  3. Dr Bhabha’s relationship with MEDerm is one of contractor and service provider.  Dr Bhabha is not an employee of MEDerm.
  4. Dr Bhabha may practise in another facility/location outside MEDerm.  It is your right to obtain your clinical notes, and discuss with Dr Bhabha the best location to organise your consultation or treatment.