Dr Janet Kim is a fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists.
She completed her medical degree at the University of Western Australia, graduating with Honours. She subsequently obtained her specialist qualification following comprehensive training received from various hospitals including Royal Adelaide Hospital, Flinders Medical Centre, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in South Australia, and the Royal Darwin Hospital.
As a consultant dermatologist she has undertaken clinical observerships at hospitals in Seoul, South Korea, including Samsung Medical Centre general dermatology and scar clinics, and received a Florence Bequest Grant to undertake this.  She has worked in private practice and Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, and is now consulting in Melbourne.
Dr Kim has authored and reviewed for the Australasian Journal of Dermatology and has enjoyed voluntary medical work locally and internationally.
She is available for consultation for all general dermatological conditions including skin cancer, eczema, psoriasis, acne, vulval dermatology and hyperhidrosis.
Dr Janet Kim is able to converse fluently in Korean.

MEDerm as a service provider for Dr Janet Kim

Melbourne Eastside Dermatology (MEDerm) takes pride in providing a high quality dermatology support services and facility for Dr Janet Kim.

When booking to see Dr Kim, please understand the following:

  1. Dr Kim practise individually independent of other dermatologists.
  2. MEDerm is responsible for the booking, paperwork, billing and providing facility for Dr Kim.  MEDerm is not responsible for the medical practices or treatment plans instituted by Dr Kim.
  3. Dr Kim’s relationship with MEDerm is one of contractor and service provider.  Dr Kim is not an employee of MEDerm.
  4. Dr Kim may practise in another facility/location outside MEDerm.  It is your right to obtain your clinical notes, and discuss with Dr Kim the best location to organise your consultation or treatment.